I am a freelance artist available for remote and in-house work.

Working with VFX Companies, Creative Retouch Studios, Inspiring Photographers, Game Designers and Developers, to create powerful images and projects for Entertaintment Industries, Brand Campaigns, and Social Impact.

I left behind everything that could not fit in my backpack to see some extreme environments and distinct people so I can no longer say  “it doesn’t look like anything to me” and continue with my passions from wherever part of the world I am when you read this, always with my wacom with me.

Originally from Spain, called /aɪˈɹiːn/ by many, /i.ʁɛn/ by some, and /i ‘re ne/ by the most, with the heart divided between different locations, speaking fluent EnglishSpanish, French and Catalan.

I studied Fine Arts and a Master in Multimedia Design focused in Project Management, UX, UI and IA, for Videogames and Interactive networks in the outskirts of the awe-inspiring Barcelona.

Years later I found myself in London working in VFX as Digital Matte Painter. The story in between I will save it for when we get a drink together.

To know about availability and current location please contact me.

Thank you for your time and interest!